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6 Best Questions Asked About Human Hair Extensions

6 Best Questions Asked About Human Hair Extensions

Hair extension is becoming more and more common and popular among girls who love to have good-looking long hair and different hair color or style for a change but do not want to dye or mess with their own natural hair. We collected some frequently asked questions about human hair extensions and try to give our own answers.

1. What is hair extensions?

Hair extensions, also known as hair weaves, are, in fact, an artificial hair integration, which adds length and/or fullness to human hair. 

2. What are the types of remy human hair extensions?

Clip-In hair extension

Clip-in hair extensions are easy to attach and can match your own hair perfectly. They provide you with longer hair, lowlights, highlights, or volume added. All clip-in hair extensions come in different widths in one or more pieces (wefts). These extensions can be cut-in or out in a matter of minutes and are virtually undetectable.

Tape-In hair extension

It is additionally referred to as "sticker hair" by using some companies. The application can be done except for the use of any tools. In prevalent your very own hair is "sandwiched" between two strips of tape with the adhesive tape glued together.

With this application, a tape extension and a single-sided adhesive tape are glued collectively with your very own hair in between.

I-Tip hair extension

I tip hair extension is connected with a slip-free Laced bead. They are applied without any heat, glue or chemicals. The best dispense with a strand by strand technique is that the natural like movement that it offers, as a result of it's connected to the identical quantity of hair that's on the strand it falls naturally and appears cleanly full.

You'll wear it any way you'd like up or down, as a result of it's connected by beads that match absolutely to your root color!

U-tip hair extension

U-tip hair extensions are hair extensions that are pre-tipped with keratin and are carried out to the client by way of the use of a hot hair extension iron. This type of hair extension is likewise called “Fusion.” ...

3. What are the correct ways to wash my virgin hair extensions?

Surely every girl wants to keep her hair beautiful as long as possible, but what could we do to let our hair maintain its best condition? Here are some DOs and DON’Ts for your reference:


Brush it before you wash it too. This is to ensure there are no tangles in your hair caused by wind or friction

Use a shampoo that is organic and sulfate-free. Sulfate strips natural oil from your hair as there is no direct nutrient supply from your scalp into the extension strands, so it’s essential that you use a no sulfate shampoo to avoid drying out the hair.

Use a shampoo that is organic and sulfate-free. Sulfate strips natural oil from your hair as there is no direct nutrient supply from your scalp into the extension strands, so it’s essential that you use a no sulfate shampoo to avoid drying out the hair.

To avoid hair extensions, cuticles and scalp damage, wash only with warm water.

Wash your hair gently with your palms in a downward motion.

Rinse and wash only 1-2 times between each wash.

Lower the head of the shower and rinse your hair but not the scalp with cold water. This is known as the Arctic Rinse, which will close the cuticles to lock the moisture and nutrients from the oil, leaving nutrient-rich hair extensions.

At home, let your hair dry air, take 2-3 hours to wash and dry your hair naturally.

Apply a small quantity of Argan, Almond or Coconut oil 2-3 times a week or if necessary. Argan oil is a great styling and frizz finishing the oil, but it is a dry oil and does not moisturize the hair as well as almond or coconut. It makes perfect sense to moisturize your hair for long-lasting hair extensions as you do your skin.

Use organic shampoos and no sulfate to feed, moisturize and treat your hair extensions on a regular basis. Use a little bit of moisturizing oil or Almond oil every week is key.

When the hair is still wet, use 2-3 drops of herbal oil which include Almond or Coconut by gently applying it over the hair, these oils will penetrate the cuticles and upload moisture to hair extensions.


It is wrong to brush moist hair as this is when hair follicles are at their maximum susceptible.

Do not scrub or bunch the hair together as this will purpose open cuticles to rub towards every other inflicting friction.

Try not to use a hair dryer to dry your hair as heat will swell and dry your strands.

Avoid shampoo and conditioning products that use Sulfates, Isopropyl Alcohol, Formaldehyde and Propylene Glycol, these are strong chemicals that will strip the hair of natural oils and leave them dry and sometimes damaged if used for a prolonged period of time.

Shampoo and conditioning products that use Sulfates, Isopropyl Alcohol, Formaldehyde and Propylene Glycol are a bad choice. Those are strong chemicals that will strip the hair of natural oils and make them dry and even damaged if used for a long time.

4. Where can you get good hair extensions?

In an era of e-commerce brings us all the convenience of shopping, you might wonder whether there are some good websites you can go to pick your hair extension and have them delivered to your house? Well, we have found some for you:

Perfect Lock

Purveyors of 100% authentic virgin and remy hair extensions since 2008. A wide variety of pure and natural hair extensions.


BELLAMI Hair was created because every woman deserves long luscious locks that are 100% human remy hair, easy to apply, and extremely discreet.


Sally Beauty provides everything you need for salon-quality results at home, and salon professionals the high-quality products they need for their clients.


Use Longer, fuller hair than ever before with clip-in luxy hair extensions. High quality, luxurious, 100% remy human hair extensions at an unbeatable price.

Ulta Beauty

ULTA Beauty offers customers prestige & mass cosmetics, makeup, fragrance, skincare, bath & body, haircare tools & salon. bareMinerals, Smashbox, Murad & more.

Hair Extensions

Everything you need to get longer, fuller hair. Large selection of synthetic & human hair extensions. DIY clip ins and salon professional remy extensions.


ZALA hair extensions are made from high quality silky, soft & healthy human remy hair & can be treated just like your own hair.

Donna Bella Hair

Donna Bella Hair is the leader in quality 100% natural remy human hair extensions. 

Irristable Me

The internet's largest clip-in extensions collection with 1000s of color/length/weight combinations! Amazing quality, ethically sourced, best price, 100% true remy hair extensions. 

Babe Hair Extensions

Babe provides the best quality hair extensions and accessories available with 100% remy human hair extensions.

5. Is there a grading system of hair extensions?

Yes, you heard it right - there is a grade system for your hair extensions. They are 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A and above.

It’s not like we have to compete and compare everything including our hair extensions. Think of it more like a reference you could use to learn what status your extensions are in objectively by a standard system so that you know what to buy or which grade of hair extensions suit you most.

The grade of hair extensions are mainly depended on these factors:

Wefts: There are single stitch and double stitch. Generally speaking, double stitch wefts should shed less.

Weight: The normal weight of sew-in hair bundles is 100 grams or about 3.5 oz. Anything lighter or heavier could affect the experience of wearing it.

100% Human Hair: Most people would prefer 100% human hair simply because they are real human hair and therefore they won’t look fake on your head. However, a synthetic blend could be cheaper, and will not last, color, or style.

Remy or Non-Remy: Remy hair with the cuticles facing the same direction can reduce the chances of tangling.

Single Donor or Multiple: It doesn’t really matter that much if your hair extensions come from the same donor or not as long as the hair extensions have the same color and quality of hair. Don’t let a salesperson tell you that hair extension that comes from a single donor cost more!

Single or Double Drawn: Double drawn hair extensions also cost more in that it requires the shackling process of removing the shorter hairs during the manufacturing process. Most hair extensions sold in America is single drawn hair.

Color: You can color your virgin hair extensions all the way to a #613 Blonde. Remember to choose good quality virgin hair for coloring. If you don’t want to color your virgin hair, you can buy a less expensive version.

Styling: Usually human hair extensions would not have a problem when you try to style it.

6. What Halloween hairstyles can be done with hair extensions?

Most of the time, when you think about what to wear for Halloween, you only focus on the dress and your makeup. However, you should also consider how to wear your hair because this could help you look outstanding with your costume and probably wow the party people.

You can try to color your virgin hair extension with sea green color to give a fairy look.

Or simply try black hair extensions to play Red Riding Hood.

Or Kitty-cat.

A wicked-witch look needs crazy hair. Don’t want to do that to your own hair? Try hair extensions.

Color your hair extensions or simply buy this blood red hair extensions to have a vampire look.

You can also use hair extensions to make a slider bun.

All in all, to make your Halloween hair look on point, you can buy a human hair wig, clip in extensions or doing tape in extensions.

Above are the most frequently asked questions about human hair extensions. Different from wig, they are artificial hair integration which adds length and/or thickness to your own natural hair. There are four types of hair extensions that you can choose from.

However, no matter what type of hair extensions you buy, there are things that you should do to maintain your human hair extensions’ best condition and things that you should avoid doing.

We also recommend the TOP 10 website for you to buy hair extensions online, and introduced a few Halloween hairstyles that you can do with human hair extensions. Want to know what it will look like on you? Give it a try!

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